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JUAA Accreditation

Japan University Accreditation Association (JUAA) Certification and Self-Evaluation Reports

As of 2008, International Budo University received official accreditation from the Japan University Accreditation Association (JUAA). Accreditation certifies that IBU meets the quality standards of Japanese higher education put forth by the JUAA.

You can find various documents regarding IBU's accreditation below, including "International Budo University's Accreditation Assessment Results" (国際武道大学に対する大学評価ならびに認証評価結果) and the "Self-study Evaluation Report" IBU submitted to the JUAA (国際武道大学 自己点検・評価報告書 ). (Please note that only Japanese-language versions of these documents are available.)

We at IBU intend to take the results of the JUAA's assessment sincerely as we continue in our ongoing effort to improve and reform the University to offer our students the highest quality education possible. You can read more about IBU's self-improvement plan in "International Budo University's Accreditation Assessment Results" (国際武道大学に対する大学評価ならびに認証評価結果).


Certification Documents

 Period of conformity cereification:Apri1.2016〜March31.2023