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Foundational Philosophy

Foundational Philosophy

International Budo University's educational objective is stated as the following: "In compliance with the Fundamental Law of Education and the School Education Law, IBU hereby pledges to train specialists of Budo to work inside and outside of Japan, to lead new research in Budo and sports science, to foster international culture, and to cultivate leaders for Japan and the international community."

University Creed

Youth, forge a steadfast and principled philosophy of life
@ through the practice of Budo.
Youth, establish a peace-oriented view of the world
through the practice of Budo.
Youth, cultivate physical strength
through the practice of Budo.
Youth, learn the value of courtesy and partience
through the practice of Budo.
Youth, pave the way for international friendship
through sportsmanship and the spirit of Budo.

University Song

Higashi ni mugen no taiheiyou,
To the east, the neverending Pacific,
Nishi ni wa haruka Fuji no mine
to the west, the far away peak of Mount Fuji
Dou to sei to wo mune ni hime,
Hidden in our breast, movement and serenity
Manabu warera ni hokori ari.
we have the pride of learning.
Rekishi no nagare nami takaku,
Big waves in the flow of history,
Kuni wa okorite, kuni ni tsugi
The land flourishes and will
Sono taema naki hito no yo ni
In that seamless human world.
Heiwa no inori ikutoshi ka
How many years did we pray for peace?
Tateyo heiwa no hata takaku
We just raised the flag of peace
Sekai wo musubu umi no goto
The world is connected like the sea
Budo no michi wo hiromen to
To promote the way of Budo--
Tsudou warera ni shimei ari
That is our mission.
Aa, wakoudo yo iza tomo ni...
O, now, young people,
Rekishi no nami wo nori koete
Let's ride the Wave of History together,
Risei no hoshi wo motomen to
Let's claim the Star of Reason and
Susumu warera ni shouri ari
advance, for victory is ours.