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The Budo and Sports Research Institute

The Budo and Sports Research Institute

In 1986, the Nippon Budokan Foundation established the Budo Science Research Centre on the IBU campus to forward the scientific study of Budo. Nine years later, the Academy was integrated into IBU and was renamed the Budo and Sports Research Institute.

As a fully integrated constituent of the University, the Institute has grown into one of the most important research resources in the fields of Budo and sports science in the world. Today the Institute's three departments (the Budo and Sporting Culture Research Department, the Budo and Sports Science Research Department, and the Health and Sports Science Research Department) are utilized not only by IBU faculty, fellows and students but also by many visiting researchers, scholars and athletes for research and the administration of special seminars.

Scientific research resources of the Institute include: a reconditioning room, a physical fitness measurement room, a laboratory of health and psychology, a laboratory of anatomy and histology, a laboratory of biochemistry and nutrient chemistry, a kinesiology laboratory, a resource preservation room, and a health administration center.

The Budo and Sports Research Institute is dedicated to increasing the current body of Budo-related articles, books, and scholarship available in English. Please follow the link to more information about the Institute's publications as well as some downloadable English-language articles.