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International Budo University Historical Outline

Dr. Shigeyoshi Matsumae, President of Tokai University and Chairperson of the Nippon Budokan Foundation, is newly appointed President of the International Judo Federation. In response to rising demands from the international community to export Japanese Budo instructors overseas, Dr. Matsumae proposes the establishment of the International Budo University. The Nippon Budokan Foundation Board of Trustees nominates Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture, as one possible site for the university campus.
Katsuura City Council votes unanimously to grant 99,000 square meters of municipal land to the Nippon Budokan Foundation for its IBU project. The Nippon Budokan Foundation elects Dr. Shigeyoshi Matsumae Chairperson of the Trustee Board of IBU.
An application is submitted to the Minister of Education to establish and license the International Budo University Preparatory Foundation. The application is approved on April 24th.
The groundbreaking ceremony for IBU is held in Katsuura City.
Applications for IBU's endowment, incorporation as an educational institution ('Gakko Hojin' registration), and the IBU charter, are all approved by the Minister of Education. The construction of Buildings 1 (classrooms, lecture halls, and administrative offices), 2 (Kendo dojo, Judo dojo, and training halls) and 3 (gymnasium) is completed.
The Inauguration Ceremony of International Budo University is held. Enrollment of the inaugural class totals 515 students. The construction of the all-weather athletic sports ground and two tennis courts is completed.
The construction of Building 4 (school library and canteen) and Building 5 (lecture halls, indoor pool, fitness room, gymnastics hall, and multipurpose sports hall) is completed. The construction of a new baseball field is completed at Hagadai, in the suburbs of Katsuura City.
The construction of Building 6 (classrooms, tatami dojo, and wrestling practice room) and Building 7 (auxiliary Budo training facilities) is completed.
The inaugural class graduates.
The construction of Building 8 (classrooms, graduate school facilities, offices, and laboratories) is completed.
The construction of the Matsumae International Exchange Hall (classrooms and housing for international students) and the Matsumae Commemoration Hall (a small museum celebrating Dr. Shigeyoshi Matsumae's various life achievements) is completed. The Budo Specialization Program is inaugurated.
The Budo and Sports Research Course is instituted in the Graduate School. The Budo and Sports Science Research Institute is established. The weatherproof baseball-training hall is completed next to the baseball field at Hagadai.
The Mineyama Training Institute is inaugurated.
Sports Training and International Sports Culture Courses are newly included in the Physical Education Department. The Coaching Science course is inaugurated in the Graduate School.
In October, a ceremony marks the 20th anniversary of the school.
The soccer field is completed.
The construction of the Building 9 (fitness and strength training rooms, classrooms, study rooms, student lounges, student counseling and student health facilities ) is completed.
IBU's departmental structure is reformed: its four departments are consolidated into two departments, the Department of Budo and the Department of Physical Education.
Dr.Yoshiaki Matsumae is appointed as Chairperson (3rd generation)