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Graduate School

Major in Budo and Sport

International Budo University's graduate programs fosters advanced professionals who are actively involved in budo, sports and other fields.

The University offers three research areas for in-depth study at master's degree level:

Budo and Sporting Culture
Health and Sports Science
Budo and Sports Coaching Science

As all graduate-level classes are taught exclusively in Japanese, foreign students who do not possess fluency in Japanese should consider IBU's one year Budo Specialization Program as a minimum requisite for graduate admission.

If you have further questions about IBU graduate programs or would like to apply, please direct your questions to the IBU international office.



Course Offerings

Courses available to graduate students are traditional lecture classes, workshop-style seminars, and major-specific special research classes designed to aid graduate students in their research and thesis writing.


Degree Requirements

Completion of the master's degree program requires students take the 30 credit minimum for graduation. Additionally, students must hand in a master's thesis and pass a final examination. Persons who have satisfied all conditions for graduation will be awarded the master's degree.

Research and "Midterm Research Presentations"

Research progress on your master's thesis or special research topic is conducted jointly with other graduate students and graduate faculty. The arrangement of other means of support on your area of thesis research (such as outside experts) is also available.

Students present the progress of their research twice a year for a total of four "Midterm Research Presentations". In the first year, students are asked to present their research work in October and February. Second-year graduate student presentations will be held in July and November.

Research Examination

Presentation of the master's thesis is a requisite to graduation. All research notes, data, research activity logs, and any other documentation relevant to the research must be handed in with the thesis for inspection.

The goal of program is to train certified professionals with comprehensive practical training. However, there are cases in which the master's degree candidate is a career professional (i.e., the candidate is an accomplished professional sports coach, doctor, budo instructor, dancer, etc.) striving for deeper understanding of their specialized field. In such cases, the candidate may, with the consent of program administrators and thesis advisors, opt to substitute the thesis requirement with a final research presentation, demonstrating the fruits of research to a panel of examiners. At the time of the final research presentation, all research notes, data, research activity logs, and any other documentation relevant to the research must be handed in for inspection.

Teaching Assistantships and Work-Study

Graduate students may work as teaching assistants for IBU professors in their undergraduate classes. Other work-study opportunities for graduate students are available.

Degree Capabilities

At the time of completion of the graduate school degree, you are eligible to obtain junior high school and high school health and physical education teaching licenses. Minimum requirements for license qualification are enrollment in graduate school for at least one year, and the acquisition of at least 30 credits.

Careers Pursued After Degree Completion

Career Field Number of Students
 Teaching 43
 Academia 15
 Coaching / Trainer 17
 Company 15
 Medicine and Welfare 14
 Sports 16
 University Work 19
 Public Service 5
 Other 28
 Total 172