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About IBU

Thirty years ago, the celebrated statesman and entrepreneur Dr. Shigeyoshi Matsumae declared his intention to create an educational institution based on the tenets of the Japanese martial arts, or "Budo". He dreamt of a world-class education which would use Budo as a means to help students "forge a principled and steadfast philosophy of life; establish a peace-oriented view of the world; cultivate a strong body and mind; learn the value of courtesy and patience; and pave the way for international friendship."

Since its founding in 1984, International Budo University has blossomed into a top-tier private sports school (nationally competitive in over 24 sports and Budo) as well as one of the world's most important research institutions in the fields of Budo studies and sports science.

Enrollment at IBU has grown to over 2000 students, with students representing every Prefecture in Japan as well as over 30 foreign countries. IBU's faculty (now totaling 130 full- and part-time instructors) includes former world champions, Olympians, national champions, professional trainers, coaches, doctors, expert researchers, and professors. Teaching and research encompasses a wide variety of subjects associated with sport and Budo, including Budo culture, Budo education, the internationalization of Budo, Budo and the impaired, Budo history, sports science, sports management, coaching science, athletic training, exercise science, health science, sports education, and sports business.

IBU is uniquely committed to guiding the ongoing internationalization of Budo. The University and its faculty work regularly in partnership with the Nippon Budokan Foundation to conduct informational seminars to foreign Budo practitioners and to expand the current body of Budo-related articles, books, and scholarship available in English. In 1994 IBU established its Budo Specialization Program, a one-year immersive course designed to give twenty foreign practitioners of Judo or Kendo the requisite knowledge and training to teach Budo in their home countries. The program's alumni have included national team members and Olympians. In the last 15 years, IBU has hosted over 4000 short-term trainees, Budo Specialization Program students, and exchange students from 47 countries and has formed scholastic relationships with 8 universities in 6 foreign countries and area.

The IBU campus overlooks the Pacific Ocean from its perch in the mountains of Katsuura City (a city of approximately 21,000 people in the lower Boso Peninsula, Chiba Prefecture). The train station is a quick fifteen-minute walk from campus, and Tokyo is only one and a half hours away by limited express trains which depart hourly. The climate in Katsuura is generally mild, though the area enjoys four distinct seasons.