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Budo Specialization Program

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IBU Special Course, Budo Specialization Program

The Budo Specialization Program is an important expression of IBU's mission to contribute to the international proliferation of Budo culture. Inaugurated in 1994, the Budo Specialization Program was envisioned to assist Budo-developing countries by providing one year of immersive training in Budo teaching methodology, theory and practice to twenty foreign Budo practitioners. In addition to Budo-related seminars, the curriculum includes intensive Japanese language classes intended to impart a level of language proficiency adequate for rich participation in University classes, club activities and campus life. Elective classes in traditional Japanese arts, such as shodo (calligraphy), kado (flower arrangement), and sado (tea ceremony), are available to Special Course students once a week. Judo,Kendo,Kyudo,Karatedo,Naginata,Shorinji Kempo and Aikido club practices occur twice daily, morning and afternoon (weekends excepted).

The course is limited to 20 students. Prospective applicants must have at least completed high school (or its equivalent). On-campus student housing for admitted students is provided at the Matsumae Memorial International Exchange Hall. The term of study is one year, beginning April 1st and ending March 31st of the following year. Completion of the one-year course (26 course credits) culminates in a Certificate of Completion.

Budo Specialization Program graduates who wish to continue their studies and training at IBU have the option to re-matriculate at the undergraduate or graduate level.

School Fees(Japanese Yen)

Admission Tuition Facility&Equipument Others TOTAL
100,000 300,000 100,000 10,990 510,990

Qualification for Application

For admission to Special Course, Budo Specialization Program, an applicant must be foreign-registered with non-Japanese nationality and meet one of the following requirements.

1. In his-her home country or a foreign country, an applicant must have 12 years education (not including pre-school or kindergarten) in which qualification for admission to university is to be given or must be expected to complete such school education prior to entry to the Program.
2. An applicant must be qualified to take examinations for entrance to a university in his/her home country.
3. An applicant who has reached the appropriate age for entering the Program and who is recognized by International Budo University as having the equivalent or more education to the above.